Technology for Ageless Sexual Health

Addressing the innovative topic of sexual health, Anathema adopts a positive health approach, focusing on positive and pleasurable experiences rather than disability or sexual dysfunction.

About Anathema

Anathema will be the first smartphone-delivered sexual health programme that seeks to adapt traditional face-to-face interventions for older adults, people with chronic diseases, and their partners.
Through the benefit of mobile devices and interaction design for individuals and couples, Anathema seeks to increase patients’ adherence and, additionally, to extend the number of people who can access sexual health support while making its design highly usable, engaging and non-stigmatizing so that users adhere and experience its benefits.

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How can Anathema help?

Interactive Modules

Through our modules, you can learn about various sexual health topics. We also provide resources and advice for adapting activities to physical limitations, enabling safe and enjoyable exploration of sexuality.


Our educational content is designed to be inclusive, accessible, and informative, providing users with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain healthy and fulfilling sexual lives.


Our note-taking feature allows you to jot down important information and keep track of your progress as you learn.


We believe that collaboration is key to advancing sexual health education and promoting overall well-being. That's why we're proud to partner with a range of organisations across multiple industries to achieve our mission. Through these partnerships, we're able to offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date sexual health education available and cutting-edge technologies to enhance the sexual health and well-being of our users. The project was carried out under the AAL Joint Programme with funding from the European Union, involving National Funding Authorities.


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